Day 5

I’ve been MIA but for good reason. I’ve been keeping myself occupied on these seemingly lonely nights. Mr. IR has been working late all week, so it’s just my little buddy and I. The last two days have been so nice out….rather, just not that cold…they have gone for strolls down the street after work. Yesterday was so nice that I just wore a t-shirt….crazy!

Lessons and take-aways from the past couple days:

*** Take meds with food….last night I went to sleep at 8 (yes 8pm) and woke up at 10pm shaking, sweating, and nauseous…it was rough.

*** Dr. Office called, I have a overactive thyroid that needs to be treated. Could be the cause of several symptoms I’ve been experiencing (restlessness, fatigue, clammy skin/hands, weight loss….and I thought I was just good at losing the baby weight!?!?!) and could be adding to my emotional state……..awesome!

*** Need to take more walks before it gets too cold…ie another crazy storm for the northeast on/around Halloween, boo.

*** Skype…….more……often! Man I had no idea how nice it would be to Skype with a friend after work, after little man is in bed, when instead I would normally be zoned out in front of the tv. So grab a glass of wine and Skype with someone you’ve been missing!

On our walk yesterday we stopped at a neighbors house, our landlords, also Mr.IR boss (weird, I know) but I got to chat with a friend about how I am feeling and dealing with this ‘delayed diagnosis’ of postpartum depression. Not that I haven’t talked (more like text or email) friends about it but they are all back home….across the country. I was nice to talk face to face with some who I consider a friend and was comfortable opening up to. She also a mother, of three beautiful boys, and also has rough pregnancies and a small bout of postpartum. Someone who could truly understand where I was coming from and told me I wasn’t alone.

All it took was a hug, a hug I needed more then anything in the last week.


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