Day 1:

Irretrievable – not retrievable : impossible to regain or recover……the old me.

I was giving my son his bedtime bottle, rocking him, and just staring at him. He’s beautiful, he’s my everything. I should start a blog. Yup, just like that and then the name came to me. I’ve considered it in the past but nothing has really driven me to like today. While I eat leftovers, Stuffed Pepper Soup (recipe to come, once I dig all the cans, cartons, containers out of the recycling bin so I can see what I threw into this lovely concoction), I type and backspace, type and backspace this first post….so work with me here, please and thank you.

Today was a big day. I went to the my gyno for my annual knowing I had a lot to get out in a short amount of time. Boy did I give her more then she bargained for when she asked a seemingly simple question, “how are you doing?”

Step 1: acknowledging you have a problem.

Step 2: accepting help.

Hi, my name is Courtney and I’ve been suffering for 378 days from untreated postpartum depression.

Today I got diagnosed and help = medication. I’m nervous to take the first dose. I’m scared it’s going to make me nauseous (as most meds do) and the fatigue and dizziness I was warned about. Well here goes nothing, down the hatch. Wish me luck and a good nights sleep…I know that’s asking a lot.


One thought on “Day 1:

  1. Ahhh a good nights sleep — that’s always an amazing treat after having a little one isnt it? I hope day 1 ended in a success for you. Cant wait to try your soup recipe! I’m normally not the type to promote dumpster diving but in this case Id be lying if I didn’t admit I’m secretly crossing fingers you found everything. NMC

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